Sector Diversity / Sector Evenness 

The Coastal Livelihoods and Economies goal evaluates jobs, wages and revenues for nine marine employment sectors.

The distribution of employment across these nine sectors is an effective indicator of resilience.  If total employment within a community is primarily based in one or two sectors, the overall economic system will be excessively vulnerable to downturns in those sectors.  Conversely, if employment is spread relatively evenly throughout all nine sectors, the overall system will be more robust and resistant to such disturbances. Overall revenue within the community will remain more stable during such downturns, and workers displaced by a downturn in their sector may be able to find employment in another sector without leaving the community.

Marine-Related Employment Encompasses Many Sectors
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Which Goals Does This Affect?

How Was It Measured?

Sector evenness was measured using Shannon's Diversity Index, a common measure of ecological and economic diversity. This calculation is based on the total number of jobs and sectors and the probability that any given job belongs to a sector.

Further details are available in Supplementary Information, Halpern et al. (2012)


PHOTO(S): © Keith A. Ellenbogen
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