Index By Country

The Index measures the global state of the world's oceans. The scores tell us what is working and what needs attention. An Index score for 221 countries and territories is calculated based on their Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs). Each EEZ is evaluated by the 10 public goals and is globally ranked according to the average of its 10 goal scores. Compare countries and explore the interactive map or ranking table below.

Overall and Goal Scores by EEZ

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  • Overall Index Score
  • Food Provision
  • Artisanal Fishing Opportunities
  • Natural Products
  • Carbon Storage
  • Coastal Protection
  • Coastal Livelihoods & Economies
  • Tourism & Recreation
  • Sense of Place
  • Clean Waters
  • Biodiversity

The OHI results are shown on the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of each coastal country, an area that extends 200 nautical miles (370 KM) offshore from the country’s coast. For countries with multiple and separate coastlines, EEZs were grouped based on country, latitude, habitation, and ocean basin.

When a goal is not relevant to a specific country, no value (N/A) is shown and that goal is not included in calculation of the country’s overall Index score.

Results were not calculated for the high seas (international waters)
or for Antarctica.

Due to standardized usage in interactive mapping, the Web Mercator projection has been selected to display Index data. The advantage of Mercator Projection is that it is the only projection to show true compass direction, so a line drawn Southeast on the map will also be Southeast on the earth’s surface. The disadvantage is that countries and areas nearer to the poles appear disproportionately large e.g.Northern Hemisphere countries in Europe and North America appear larger than they actually are.

The political and geographic designations shown on this map do not imply the expression of any opinion on behalf of the Ocean Health Index concerning the legal status or delineation of the frontiers of any country, territory or area.