Regional Assessments

Regional assessments are Ocean Health Index studies conducted at scales smaller than the global assessment (eg national, state or sub-state scale).  The Index framework remains the same while the data and goal weightings may be specific to the region.
A clarification of terms.  Regional assessments are based on local data.  Regional scores within the global Ocean Health Index - as reported in every other section of this website - are based on global data sets.

Why Do a Regional Assessment?

1) Create a finer-resolution assessment of ocean health for local managers and policy makers 
2) Allow comparison of state or province scores within a region. 
3) Reflect regional priorities by modifying goal weights according to local priorities 
4) Assess the impact of potential actions through “management scenario” studies

Global & Regional Comparison 

Global assessment reports scores for 221 EEZ’s and uses global databases only. The Brazil assessment reports scores for 17 coastal states and uses databases specific to Brazil together with some global data bases.

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