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The Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) is one of three indicators used to evaluate Social Pressure and Social Resilience. GCI a project of the World Economic Forum (WEF) created to analyzes the economic foundations of nearly all countries in order to evaluate each country’s competitiveness for achieving sustained economic productivity, growth and prosperity (Schwab 2011).  

The GCI is a composite index calculated by averaging scores for data within 12 ‘pillars’ of economic competitiveness:

•      Institutions (public)

•      Infrastructure

•      Macroeconomic development

•      Health & primary education

•      Higher education & training

•      Goods & market efficiency

•      Labor market efficiency

•      Financial market development

•      Technological readiness

•      Market size

•      Business sophistication

•      Innovation

How Was It Measured?

The most current GCI scores available are used as measures of Social Pressure and Resilience for the Coastal Livelihoods and Economies goal. GCI scores, which range from 1 to 7, are rescaled to a 0 to 1 scale for consistency with all other measures used in the Index. The scaled GCI score is used directly as an indicator of Resilience; and (1 - the scaled GCI score) is used to indicate Pressure.

All pressures are ranked for their differing affects on different goals. For each goal, the effect of each pressure is weighted 'low' (1), 'medium' (2) or 'high' (3). The actual data-derived value of the pressure is then multiplied by the weight assigned to it for that goal. That process is repeated for each pressure-goal combination.  The sum of those values divided by 3 (the (the maximum pressure-goal value) expresses the total affect of pressures on the goal.

GCI is used as a component of Resilience and Pressure for the Livelihoods & Economies goal (both the Livelihoods and Economies subgoals). 

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