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This goal measures the amount of seafood captured or raised in a sustainable way.

Seafood helps more than half the world's population meet their need for protein.

Goal Score

52 The goal score for Goal: Food Provision is 52 out of 100. The global average score is 71 out of 100.

Likely Future State


It is estimated that in the near future the score for Goal: Food Provision will improve roughly +13%.
global score

WHAT ENCOMPASSES Food provision?

Food Provision is divided into two subgoals: Wild-caught commercial seafood and Mariculture, or ocean-farmed seafood. The more seafood harvested or cultured sustainably, the higher the goal score. 

The wild-caught commercial seafood subgoal evaluates success in obtaining maximal wild harvests without damaging the ocean’s ability to continue providing fish for people in the future. Sustainable harvest of wild-caught seafood avoids excessively high exploitation of target species and does not target threatened populations. Fishing pressures from habitat destruction and high bycatch may reduce the resilience of the ecosystem, fisheries productivity and benefits from other goals. 

Sustainable mariculture supports food provisioning needs in ways that can be maintained over the long term. This includes not compromising the water quality in the farmed area and not relying on wild populations to feed or replenish the cultivated species.
Mariculture that degrades or destroys habitats or allows accidental release of non-native species creates pressures that reduce benefits from other goals. 

Goal: Food Provision


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