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This goal measures how sustainably people harvest non-food products from the sea.

From seashells and sponges to aquarium fish, natural products contribute to local economies and international trade. 

Goal Score

51 The goal score for Goal: Natural Products is 51 out of 100. The global average score is 71 out of 100.

Likely Future State


It is estimated that in the near future the score for Goal: Natural Products will improve roughly +14%.
global score

What Does This Score Mean?

For each of the six products related to the Natural Products goal, the reference point is 35% below the maximum harvest that has been produced to date in the country or region being evaluated.

The 35% buffer protects against the possibility that the maximum historical harvest was not sustainable. The overall score is the weighted average of the individual scores for products that were harvested.

A high score indicates that a region’s current sustainable rate of harvest is near to and not more than 65% of the historic maximum possible sustainable harvest achieved in that region.

The more natural products extracted sustainably, the higher the score, provided that the harvest does not exceed the 65% safety level.

Current Score
The current score indicates that many regions have potential to improve sustainable harvests of natural products, either by eliminating overharvesting, increasing harvests that are too low, or reducing the pressures that decrease potential harvests.

Why Are Natural Products Important?

Natural products harvested from the ocean provide important benefits. Sustainable extraction of non-food ocean resources means causes little to no impact on surrounding habitats, marine species, or human well-being.  This goal does not include non-living items such as oil, gas, and mining products. It also does not include bioprospecting (for medicines or genes), which has an unpredictable potential value in the future, rather than measurable value now.

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