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Why Are Lasting Special Places Important?

The Lasting Special Places sub-goal focuses on geographic locations that are valuable to people for aesthetic, spiritual, cultural, recreational, or existence reasons. 

Well-maintained and protected lasting special places provide culturally significant resources that can generate economic opportunities and help to sustain coastal communities.

The scores for this sub-goal are calculated based upon two assumptions: that all countries have roughly the same percentage of their coastal areas that qualify as lasting special places, and that the countries with the most protected areas are the closest to achieving their country-specific target.

Goal Score

61 The goal score for Sub-Goal: Lasting Special Places is 61 out of 100. The global average score is 70 out of 100.

Likely Future State


It is estimated that in the near future the score for Sub-Goal: Lasting Special Places will improve roughly +7%.
global score


What Does This Score Mean?

The reference point for Lasting Special Places is for a country protecting 30% of its coastal waters out to 3 nautical miles (nmi), as well as 30% of the strip of its shoreline extending from the high tide line to 1 km inland.

A high score indicates that a country is protecting at least the maximum global value for protected coastal areas. A score of zero would indicate that Special Places are not at all protected.

Current Score
The current score indicates that regions are far from achieving the reference point. Much more must be done to protect locations that contribute to Sense of Place and marine-related cultural identity.

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