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CaMPAM is strengthening MPA management in the Wider Caribbean

© Jose Alejandro Alvarez/Marine Photobank 

The Caribbean Marine Protected Area Management Network and Forum (CaMPAM) is part of the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) Caribbean Environment Programme (CEP). CaMPAM has been providing assistance to marine protected areas (MPAs) in the Wider Caribbean for the last 15 years through a variety of tools: a Small Grants for technical assistance, a Training of Trainers programme which has trained over 1,200 MPA practitioners, MPA exchanges to share best practices, a regional MPA database, regional meetings of MPA managers and an active list-serve for sharing information.

CaMPAM recently launched a Mentorship Program as part of  its capacity building programme  with a view to sustainably enhance MPA manager/practitioner competencies through the development of mentoring relationships (professional coaching) that respond to common and emerging professional development needs.

The program will operate flexibly and creatively so as to capitalize on emerging opportunities and resources to foster mentoring relationships at both individual and institutional levels (e.g. CaMPAM tools, in-kind contributions from partners, existing activities and resources at local level etc.) and implement activities that allow mentors to assist mentees in their professional development and ultimately, the advancement of MPA capacity and management effectiveness.

A number of regional and local organizations have contributed to its development, suggesting a variety of approaches by which ongoing collaboration can serve to build the programme. A selected group of  mentors coming from successful MPAs across the region, have  committed to support the effort through the establishment of long lasting, creative and mutually beneficial relationships with the mentees from sites who have expressed interest in participating and benefiting from this exercise.  

Mentors and mentees are developing agreements that define goals, actions and a long term work plan for the mentoring relationship, all guided by the programmatic framework  established by UNEP-CEP CaMPAM.

 For additional information contact Georgina Bustamante, CaMPAM Coordinator at gbustamante@gmail.com, or Rich Wilson at rich@seatoneconsulting.com, or Alessandra Vanzella, under SPAW Annexes UNEP-CEP SPAW program at avk@cep.unep.org

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