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Introducing Erich Pacheco as the new OHI Director at CI

The Ocean Health Index (OHI) welcomes Erich Pacheco as the new OHI Director at Conservation International (CI).

Erich has been with OHI since 2013, first starting as our Outreach Manager and later becoming the Director for Ocean Governance and Policy. In these roles, he worked to build and maintain relationships with governments and introduce them to OHI as an integrated ocean management framework. Through these country engagements, Erich realized that there was a lack of training materials and user-friendly tools for countries to complete an OHI assessment on their own.

This led to the creation of the OHI toolbox, ohi-science.org website, and step-by-step training materials, which all lend themselves to sharing knowledge and lowering the technical barrier for completing an OHI assessment. These capacity development resources allowed OHI to reach a larger scale, growing from 10 countries engaged in independent OHI+ assessments in 2014 to 30 engaged in 2017.

In his new role, Erich has two main priorities: developing an OHI community of practice and helping countries achieve their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“OHI is a gateway for countries to determine priorities and knowledge gaps; develop integrated and strategic management plans; and track progress towards meeting global mandates, such as SDGs. Looking forward, I hope to create a community of practice that we can transfer our management skills, knowledge, technologies, and tools to that results in widespread use and recognition of OHI as a framework to assess ocean health and management efforts.”
           - Erich Pacheco, CI Ocean Health Index Director

We are excited for this new phase of OHI and look forward to Erich leading the way and helping countries incorporate OHI into their management efforts.

Read more about Erich in his People of OHI profile.