Ocean Health Index+ 

+ = Independent Assessments at Any Scale

OHI+ assessments are conducted by independent groups that use the Index approach to measure ocean health in their regions, countries, states, and communities. These assessments can be used by managers to incorporate local information and priorities at the spatial scale where policy and management decisions are made.

Independent assessments use the same framework as the global assessments, but allow for exploration of variables influencing ocean health at the smaller scales where policy and management decisions are made. Goal models and targets are created using higher resolution data, indicators, and priorities, which produce scores better reflecting local realities. This enables scientists, managers, policy makers, and the public to better and more holistically understand, track, and communicate the status of local marine ecosystems, and to design strategic management actions to improve overall ocean health.

OHI+ is open-access and free. Results of OHI+ assessments are entirely maintained by the independent groups. We support OHI+ assessments by providing a suite of tools to understand the OHI, and to plan the assessment and carry it out, communicate its results, and help make the study as useful as possible for decision makers.

What We Offer

Please visit ohi-science.org frequently for updates.


We have created a suite of guides and manuals that provide in-depth information for the Ocean Health Index assessment process in addition to recommendations on how to best approach the task. Note: we are currently transforming the guide series into an online training platform. We are also creating an online OHI+ community that will help you to collaborate with other actors from around the world also conducting assessments.


The Toolbox App is open-source software developed to aid Index calculations at any scale. With the Toolbox App, the Ocean Health Index framework can be customized to incorporate data, indicators and priorities regarding ocean-derived benefits throughout the area of interest. It can also compare how different management scenarios could affect overall ocean health scores, which can inform effective strategies for ocean resource management.


Our team of scientists and managers is prepared to provide guidance for OHI+ assessments, including initial meetings, technical troubleshooting and communicating results. If you are interested contact info@oceanhealthindex.org

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